Hosting Tools

  • Self Service Site:
    Our self service site offers a simple solution to manage most of your services via an easy to use web interface.
  • E-mail management:
    With the online e-mail management webinterface you have full access to the e-mail configuration of your domain, without the intervention of a Progressix support desk employee.
  • Horde Webmail and Groupware:
    This option offers a very powerfull webinterface where you can check your Progressix E-mail accounts. Besides full mailbox access, it also offers basic groupware functionality.
  • phpMyAdmin
    Manage your MySQL databases with this versatile web-frontend. You can create new tables, alter tables, insert data, update data, browse data and even import and export data from and to CSV.
  • net2ftp
    With net2ftp you can login to your hosting account via FTP and manage files. It even includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor, enabling you to edit HTML documents "on the fly".
  • Htaccess password encryptor
    With this tool, you can encrypt passwords for use with .htaccess password files. A .htaccess file is commonly used to protect websites by an username and password.
  • Random password generator
    Creates a list of secure random generated passwords.
  • Whois tool
    A generic and intelligent Whois tool for domain-name and IP lookups.
  • What is my IP
    This s tool shows you your public IP address.